2018 Welcome
Featuring events  and goings on in the warmer months ...On Groton Pond

Let me tell you a little story about one morning late of June, near the south end of the pond.

     It was a peaceful morning, quiet and comfortably warm. A morning most of us dream about especially in the winter months. I was sitting still in my boat, taking photos of flora and fauna.  A small fishing boat appeared  and quietly slipped past me and began fishing near the shore,  not that far from me.   We nodded and then went on with our business at hand.  What a glorious morning it was. And the water was like glass.

     All of a sudden on the shoreline all hell broke loose, I had just shut my camera off and laid it down on the console. The first video is a photo of nothing except sound, and a bit of confustion on my part.  I knew where the sound was coming from, but could not focus on any visible object.  So I just put it down and watched.

   The second video is just seconds long and maybe the shortest video I have ever taken .  The hair stood up on the back of my neck and I will let you surmise your own conclusion as to what happen in those few seconds.. My fishing neighbors said later on, they were glad they were in the boat. as was I.  You might want to think twice about taking a walk in the woods and a good reminder to keep your dog(s) on leash when and if you do!

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VIDEO'S~Darlene Sprague~
A reminder...
When you are out there on the lake,
"the eyes of the lake are upon you!

Because my eyes are on the lake, watching the loons,  I have seen some really unbelievable things that go on out there.  Some not so good.