Heaven and Beyond

I left without warning and went on the fly
Don't be sad, please don't cry

Listen very carefully this is not goodbye
I have gone to another place
 which is beyond
because we all know,  life moves on 

I left for only moments to take this lofty descent
With a promise from God that I would return
 A privledge it took years for me to earn

I have the best of both worlds
Groton Pond and beyond

Remember no matter where I am
I will always be with you
Returning to my family and friends
to tell them this is not the end

My spirit is near and you will know
through thoughts and feelings 
by actions I will show

Moving slowly in the shadows
dressed in a white linen shroud
 I will hitch a ride with a loon
or float by on a whispy cloud

I will  tickle your face or touch your hair
Letting you know that I am there

My laughter will flow like water
echoing through the air

I will use rainbows as jump ropes 
If you see one swinging upside down
you will know it's me,  just clowning around

We will have wonderful talks
and many long walks
You will understand
I never really left
I have been here  all along

Now what's this notion
that you think I am gone
Let's get in the boat
and take a ride around the pond

I'll leave tell tale signs
like ripples in the golden sand
or toss you a sunbeam
try catching it in your hand

I will  rise when the fog lifts
and ride on the white capped waves
You will see I am not confined
to an earthy grave 

Warming hearts on sunny days
with memories that we share
Sheltering you on rainy days
letting you know I'm always there

Raise your eyes and then look beyond
I have been here at  home
 in Heaven all along
at this special place
 called Groton Pond

Darlene Sprague

Inspired by the passing our good friend and neighbor who shared a love for Groton Pond

Richard (Rik) Ortiz