Meet our area Vt Fish & Wildlife Wardens(Northeastern Division)
​Magooch, Labordor canine assistant of Warden Mark Schichtle (Wells River)
​and Warden Dennis Amsden (Danville) on patrol.............  ​
Magooch retrieveing
   Warden Schichtle, Muddy and Magooch
​Darlene Sprague​
        F & W Wardens, Dennis Amsden, Mark Schichtle and canine companion, Magooch
Good Job Magooch !
Foot note
In the fall of 2011, Warden Mark Schichtle and his canine companion, Magooch went on their first search and rescue mission. 

A man who had a vacation home in the Groton area, took his dog and went for a walk.  The man's wife reported him and the dog missing after he had not returned home several hours later.  A severe thunderstorm had swept through the area earlier.

​Warden Schichtle and Magooch, his newly trained Labrador responded to the call..  After a search of more than two and a half hours in the dark, in wooded terrain, Warden Schichtle and Magooch located the missing man and his dog. 

 This resulted in a happy ending for everyone and a rescue job well done, thanks to the Warden and  his dog, Magooch.