On Groton Pond
​ by
Darlene Thygesen Sprague

She used to be called "Groton Pond"
 when she and I formed this wonderful bond

When I was just a small child
we became great friends
Things were different way back then

You could rent a boat for a dollar
from good ole Mr Boomhower

There was a path one could walk
​around the edge of the pond 
​We used to pick blueberries
​and fish all night till the break of dawn

In the evening we could hear the train roar
the lantern hanging from the ceiling in camp would shake
and so would the floor

Then times changed and the train stopped coming
Sad but true it's no longer running

The old railroad tracks and rail ties have disappeared
Things began to change and that's what some feared

Folks were able to drive down the railroad bed
"It will take you a little closer to the pond" they said

Mother would load us kids up with boxes of food
and a suitcase or two
The rocky descent was a difficult task
and not much fun
We were always glad when that chore was done

If our load was too heavy
Dad would drive to Boomies and rent us a boat
If we needed to take lumber we would pull it on a float

Boomie's gone now and so are the sawdust banks
If you mentiom Gales Landing  most folks would draw a blank

For those of you that think Boomie's a mystery
I can tell you right now
he was part of Groton and it's logging history

At the nature center his picture you can now see
If he could know this he would laugh and slap his knee
Then her name was change to "Lake Groton"
but we still call her "the pond"

Most of rail bed is closed to the motorized wheel
Now designated a recreational multi-purpose
use trail for tourist appeal

Snowmobiling, hiking and biking are some of it's major uses
gone are the days of the train and  it's cabooses
Fancy places no longer called camps
High powered speed boats too big for the pond
Boat launches are now called ramps

Satellite dishes and microwaves are not everyone's style
Oh if I could only go back in time to see the old pine log piles

I love to hear the hoot of an owl while laying in bed
or see the glimer of lamp light on the ceiling when I read

Ah...the smell of coffee perking on the old wood stove
Providing your own meal of fresh caught trout
Just cooking it and eating it
 that's what it was all about

Baking a pie full of berries that you just picked
or getting your hair wet bending over the dock
Kids trying to catch a pollywog or a frog that just hopped

Now the trout are all gone
The environmentalist say "the pond is filling with silt"
developement and civilization has made her pay the price
Let's hope her future is not a roll of the dice

I hope she doesn't get sick she has so many foe
Aquatic weeds, acid rain, and poisons we don't know

This little pond is like a homing device to me
No matter where I go she won't set me free
You see I just love her she's so much a part of me

To this day no matter where I am
The smell of birch burning sets my heart yearning
 for her shores of soft whte sand
 and the smell of her musty forest land
My heart will always be there
no matter where I am

When I take my final breath 
 I  know where my spirit will go
So if you are at "the pond" please listen close
When you hear the cry of a loon in the night
Think of me when it takes flight

Follow the path of moonlight
across the pond to the opposite shore
That's where you will find my spirit forever more

I needed to tell you about all of the good times we had
back when I was a kid and went to camp with my Mom and Dad

Some day in a hundred years, she might disappear
And end up being just another story of days long gone
About a bog that once was called "good old Groton Pond"

Dedicated to my Mom and Dad
Ejnar and Lovella Thygesen
"I will always be thankful for the day they carried me in their arms
to this beautiful magical Place"

   Published in 2006

L-R Mom, Lovella Thygesen, Cousin Larry  Davis and Grandmother, Zilpha Davis  On top of the rock,  Darlene Thygesen, in the 40's
​      "​On Groton Pond"
Mom in the 60's
                Darlene , 13 years old
​              " My first motor boat"
Mr Marvin Boomhower
(our go to guy to rent a boat​)
Photo's of days gone by
              In front of camp
         Darlene and Gram Zilpha​
Out by the Big Rock         
Mom and family enjoying the day
 in front of camp
                                               MARCH 18 2018
​                                             Celebrating  31 years 
                                              " ​On Groton Pond "
     ( "at my own cottage"  next door to what used to be my folks place) ​

                   Row boat full of Thygesen's
​                                   1945
​Ejnar A Thygesen Sr
Enjoying a good day of fishing​2003
Come sit a spell and relax !

Remains of the sawdust banks
South end of Groton pond on West shore​
       *Lovella Mae Thygesen
who loved Groton Pond as much as I do​