Every spring it happens.  Just as soon as the snow goes, my lawn  has what seems like hundreds of little volcanic like holes spouting up mud.  Moles ! Looked like a whole colony of them.  After years of experience I decided to fight back instead of just raking over the dirt and trying to fill in the holes and reseed.  These little bugger devour every tulip bulb I ever planted.  Every spring I would be so disappointed, no tulips.  I would not find any bulbs that  I had planted in the fall....Well enough is enough, wasted time, energy and money.   I checked just yesterday, and my lawn has totally turned to mud, so they are back, and need to be eradicated.

     A few years ago I did a bit of research on moles and came up with what was a solution for me.  When I see any mole activity at all, I immediately act upon it.  I set a Darlene Sprague Version of a home made mole trap.  It works...with a little ingenuity and preparation, I was beginning my adventure, as a "mole trapper".

You will need to locate the mole hole(s), usually they are easy to spot, as they leave a pile of dirt beside the hole and usually they have runways, or more holes in the immediate area. 

Items you will need to make and set trap

1 sturdy Victor mouse trap, purchased at hardware store 1 large size black flower pot...if you can't find one, spray paint a white one black on the inside of the pot let the pot dry very well, so there is no paint smell

peanut butter for bait

a sturdy piece of light wire about a foot long

a short stake, 6 inches long either out of wood or metal, drive in beside the hole about 4 inches on an angle

attach the wire to the side of the mouse trap ( use a sturdy carpenters staple to hook to)

attached the other end of the wire to the stake

bait the trap with peanut butter underneath the bait pan as well as on top of it (set the trap so that the bait pan is facing the hole)
set the trap on the very edge beside the hole.  Turn the black flower pot over, place over the hole with the trap set , so that everything is covered completly by the pot.

     Stay away from that area and wait, within a few hours you can peek under the pot and whaa will have a dead mole in your trap  .(where rubber gloves when baiting and removing the mole). .Dispose of the mole, reset the trap...You will be shocked to find that you will catch as many as 30-40 moles in a spring season....I caught 37 one spring....The following spring I had very little mole activity.I always keep peanut butter on hand, bait my traps and catch a few more.. I don't have a queezy stomach, so I don't mind doing it...If you elect to not do it, you are on your own...There are commerical baits and traps you can purchase to put down in the holes to discourage them, but I would not advise using bait near the water.  You don't want your kids, your dogs or cats to eat the bait, or a dead mole lying around, that a owl might pick up and eat.

     I have heard some folks use moth balls in the holes, but again, not a good thing to be doing near water....this is the best and safest way to get the job done, inexpensive and fast. They will return sooner or later, the cottage is at the edge of the forest so its an ongoing situation. But this procedure eradicates them and cuts down on the population for a time, until it builds back up again.  Works for me.....

Darlene Sprague
Trap with mole in it,  black flower pot, and in back ground a mole hole.
Photo Darlene Sprague.

A a.a.h. spring is here and the snow is gone
but look outside, something has undermined my lawn

Is it gophers that makes these holes ?
Experts say no, it's tiny moles

Piles of mud and furrows deep
makes one wonder, what's so good to eat ?

If I could harness them and make a team
Rototilling the garden would be my scheme

When I see these piles of dirt it makes me think
how to heck do they keep their little feet so pink ?

Written by
Darlene Sprague
          Holy Moley.
                                                     MOLE DAMAGE
August 2012  Mole update
Bears rip down the feeders, and feast on the seeds.  When this happens people seem to get all upset and don't seem to get it. GEEZ !

There is plenty of natural food for these creatures especially in the summer months and people need to be part of the solution and not the problem, so listen up

to this date the moles are still a problem here in my yard. Now more than in the spring. It has been very dry and where there are dry areas on the lawn, the moles come out and move through small tunnels and leave exit holes .

I have several mole holes in the yard. Time to pull out the big guns...I have set several mouse traps most recently and as of today I have once again caught over a dozen moles.and still trapping. I am still using mouse traps, and peanut butter as bait which works very well,

I most recently read that one way to get them to leave your lawn is to take fabric softener sheets and poke one sheet down each hole, then fill the hole with small stones and and dirt. This will discourage them from using the holes and hanging around...I AM HAVING GREAT SUCESS WITH THIS METHOD,  so far this is working, and i have be able to  cut back on the what seems to be a population explosion.

People are still feeding the wildlife, against the advice of state Fish and Wldlife officials and biologist...This activity attracts moles, mice, chipmonks and squirels, and even bears.

Skunks are attracted to suet in the spring, take down your feeders the moment the temps rise, or you just might have a black and white visitor, and a big smelly surprise..