Doctor Clinton Reichard, retired veterinarian,  keeps himself busy when he spends time at his cottage on the pond with his charming wife Carol.   On a beautiful sunny morning in July I found him oiling the wooden rail on his boat.  Both he and Carol, who are always smiling, cheerful and friendly were preparing for arrival of family members.  When they are not at their cottage, both are "busy" multi tasking at home as well and very involved in their home town community at church and rotary.
​ bottom photo upper right ~ Carol on porch                          
  Photo's Darlene Sprague
"Putting a little elbow grease to it,  spiffing up the rail "
(A moment in time, in the dailey lives of our valued seniors on the pond.)
Photo's D Sprague
Retired Veterinarian Doctor Clinton Reichard holds a Red Neck Grebe, as his son-in-law Rob looks on. Grebes are not that common in our area, according to Vt State biologist.  Rob witnessed the Grebe being pursued by a parent loon when it came in close proximity to the loons chick. The adult attacked and killed it.  Rob retrieved it from the pond and the local warden picked up the carcass to send to the state lab for analysis.
Photo Darlene Sprague
                           Carol and Clinton Reichard
           Have enjoyed life on the pond for many years