LOST AND FOUND....Early this spring a white barrel floated up on the southern shoreline, down by the dam.   It was found by this young moose who carefully inspected it before taking a drink out of the pond.
HOLY WATERS.....  One beautiful summer morning, the  sweet sounds of heavenly voices singing,  drifted across the pond.  How lucky some were to have the good fortune of being baptized here in these waters. Amen !
CAUGHT IN THE ACT....These mallard hens were photographed attacking an injured yellow perch, killing and devouring it on the beach one afternnoon...We were not aware mallards ate fish, so now we know, and so do you !
Sadly this female hummingbird became trapped in   some mosquito netting while feeding on nearby flowers.  She could have freed herself if she had known to fly downward, where it was open.  She  did not survive.. The netting was removed so this would not happen again.
BOAT HOUSE BATS..were removed with a butterfly net and released...They were entering throught the end of the buildings ridgecap,    which was later blocked to prevent re-entry....Note the bat on the far right has a spot on its nose, thus the white nose symptom,  a mysterious disease that is killing bats at alarming rates. Scientist and biologist have yet to discover the cause of this , and researchers continue to search for answers..
This little boy received a fishing pole for Easter one year.  There was still snow on the ground.  With pole in hand, he put on his mud boots and was on his way outdoors.  Asked where he was going.  He said," gonna go fishing", and out the door he went...
 We looked out the window to see what he was doing.  and found him very quietly sitting on a log, fishing in a puddle in the back yard. I was lucky enough to capture this on camera.  Needless to say it was and still is a memory we still love to reminise about today   My Grandson.....
Darlene Sprague
Sweet Innocence
Photo by Darlene Sprague
Darlene Sprague