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The Duckette Family has the priveledge of living beside the first natural nest site on the north end of the pond .  This event was unusual in that loons normally pick remote isolated areas to nest and raise their young.  It was  amazing that they were able to pull it off and hatch three chicks in the last two years  in such a busy area. This area is under the watchful eye of the Vermont Loon Recovery Program.
Retired Veternarian, Doctor Clinton Reichard (R), a summer lake resident holds a Red Neck Grebe that his son-in-law Rob (L) retrieved from the shoreline at the north end of the pond in late July.  Rob witnessed an interaction between the parent loons and the Grebe, which resulted in the Grebe's demise.  (A  week after the chick  was  hatched and in the water). Loons are extremely  protective of their young.  The Grebe was turned over to Fish & Wildlife Warden and then taken to the Vt State Wildlife Labatory for further study.  It was reported that the Grebe is not native to this area and was of great interest to the  Vt F&W Department.

Photo and Story
Darlene Sprague
Concerned residents reported finding a partially submerged carcass which resembled a loon chick under the cover of weeds.  Upon investigation it was discovered to be a stuffed loon with a serious, looking noose around its neck  It was a relief to find that it was not what it was orginally thought to be.

THE REAL DEAL.....Beautiful Three month old Loon chick....nothing could be finer ! South end.....
Photos and stories 
 ​Darlene Sprague
Loon with newly hatched chick
View of nesting loon through the fence.
​End of year report for 2013 loon survey for Groton Pond and surrounding Ponds and Lakes

Groton Pond
Two nesting pairs -  both on artificial nesting platforms
One on south end and another on north end of pond
Both pair nested late in June, both nest failed,  No eggs or shell fragments found in south end nest. The north end pair, re-nested.  Two eggs were abandoned on the 4th of July in that nest,  a few days before hatch date.  The eggs were retrieved for analysis.  This is the second year there have been no chicks on the pond

Foster Pond
one pair produced 1 chick​​​

Harvey's Lake
one pair produced 1 chick​​​

Kettle Pond
one pair produced 1 chick​​

Martin's Pond
one pair produced 2 chicks​​

Osmore Pond​​
​a nest was found with 2 eggs in it, the eggs disappeared 0 chicks

Peacham Pond
Southwest and Southeast locations
2​ nest, both failed, produced 0 chicks

 Rickers Pond
one nesting pair, produced 2 chicks, both did not survive
one chick was killed from what appeared to be a boat hit  (to be determined by pending necropsy)​​​
one chick was witnessed being killed by intruder loon

10 pairs nested from 8 locations
​7 chicks were successfully hatched
5 chicks survived through the July 20, 2013  Loon Survey​​

Periodic updates
End of year report Loon Count
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Photo by Jim House
courtesy Jim House